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FilingYug is an all-inclusive IP and legal services firm extending legal aid to corporations, industries, startups, and other small businesses.

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How FilingYug Works?

Our team of legal experts comprising lawyers, chartered accountants, and company secretaries assists any emerging or established business with all the legal matters related to their company’s affairs.

Our reliable professionals, affordable prices, and customer service make us stand out from the crowd. Hence, making us one of the most prominent facilitators of legal services in India.

What do we do?

FilingYug works closely with businesses throughout India, leading them towards the process of acquiring, managing, and using Intellectual property assets such as trademarks, patents, copyright, designs, IP licensing, and brand protection. 

With the profound domain knowledge and extensive practice experience, our team of experts serves you as advisors, counseling clients for all your IP matters.

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Register Your Business

Take the first step in legally establishing your company and secure your reputation as a legitimate business. Choose a perfect plan for registering your company from the list of services.

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We provide a wide range of services, including company incorporation, company registration, filings, documentation, and annual compliances. Our expertise in IP and legal services is unmatched.

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Best Price

We care for your money. That's why we offer premium and high-quality services for all your legal needs at the most affordable prices.

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We value your time. You can rely on us with all your legal matters! Let our experts handle them. Save most of your time and focus on the business' growth.

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100% Legal Assurance

Let our knowledgeable team of professionals cover all your legal aspects and ensure your welfare for any lawful activities.


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FAQ's - Legal Services

Here are a few reasons why registering a business is beneficial:

  • Your business will obtain a legal identity and status, hence increasing its credibility.
  • You can safeguard your business name by the acquisition of a Trade name.
  • It will be easier for you to open a business bank account.
  • Your business will get more brand recognition. 
  • Your business gets secured with Limited liability protection.
  • You can get better and secure fundings for your business as an incorporated company attracts more potential investors.

Here is a list of business structures that you can opt for if you are going to register your business in India:

  1. One Person Company (OPC): If there is only one promoter or owner in your business, registering as OPC is the best choice. The compliance requirement in an OPC is lesser than that of a private limited company.
  2. Limited Liability Partnership (LLP): Registering the business as an LLP gives the benefits of limited liability of a company and exhibits the elements of partnerships. In an LLP, one partner is not responsible for the misconduct or negligence of another partner.
  3. Private Limited Company (PLC): A private limited company is an entity that has private ownership. These companies have shareholders and directors, and each individual is considered an employee of the company. 
  4. Public Limited Company (PLC): These companies are a voluntary association of members incorporated under the company law. In a PLC, shares get sold to the public on the stock market. All the shareholders are part owners of the company and can keep their opinion on its operation. 

For registering a company in India, there is a requirement for proper proof of identity and proof of address. All the shareholders and directors of the company should provide their proof of identification and proof of address. The valid documents for proof of identity are Pan Card/Aadhar Card/ Driving Licence/ Passport. The valid documents for proof of address are the Latest Telephone Bill /Electricity Bill/ Bank Account Statement.

Registering a company in India is now a simple 4-step process.

1st Step: Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)

Digital signature certificates are the digital alternative to physical or paper certificates. DSC’s are required to file the forms on the MCA portal. DSC signatures are untampered and unaltered. DSC is mandatory for all the proposed directors and the subscribers of the memorandum and articles of association. 

2nd Step: Director Identification Number (DIN)

DIN is a unique identification allotted by the government to any existing or intending directors of a company. The DIN of the proposed director, along with the name and the proof of address, is to be provided in the company registration form,

3rd Step: Registration on the MCA portal

Fill the SPICe+ form and submit it on the MCA portal to apply for company registration. The company director should register on the MCA portal to fill the SPICe form and submit the documents. After registration, the director will obtain access to the MCA portal services to file the e-forms and view public documents.

4th Step: Certificate of Incorporation

A Certificate of Incorporation is a document that confirms your company’s formation. After the registration application and the required documents are submitted, the registrar of companies will examine the application. Once it is verified, he will issue the Certificate of Incorporation.

The MCA has made the company registration very simple and efficient. If you have all the documents in place, it can take anywhere between 10-15 working days to get your company registered.  

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