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Design Registration, Patent Registration, Copyright Registration, etc

Along with all the other Trademark related services mentioned above, FilingYug offers other services such as Design registration, Patent registration, Copyright registration, etc. 

Other Services from FilingYug!

Design Registration

Design registration helps to protect the shape, configuration, pattern, or ornamental characteristics of a product. The design may include three-dimensional elements, such as an article’s shape, arrangement, and two-dimensional elements like patterns or ornamentation.

Cost of Design Registration

  • Individual/Proprietorship @just ₹3,999 
  • Company/Partnership @just ₹8,999 

Patent Registration

A patent is a property right granted to an inventor by a sovereign body. In exchange for a complete disclosure of the innovation, the inventor receives exclusive rights to the patented process, design, or invention for a set length of time.

Patent registration is divided further into two parts:

Provisional Patent: A provisional patent is the first step toward obtaining protection before filing a complete patent application. File your provisional patent application with us at just ₹19,999

Permanent Patent: A permanent patent protects an innovation from being made, used, disseminated, or sold commercially without the owner’s permission. Apply for permanent patent filing at just ₹34,999

Copyright registration

Copyright registration enables the author to commercially disseminate their works or sell the rights to control the protected works.

Cost for Copyright registration of different works are listed:

  • Artistic Work – ₹4,499
  • Sound – ₹4,499
  • Software – ₹6,999
  • Search Report – ₹2,299

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