Partnership Firm

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A partnership is a group of two or more people who work together as co-owners to run a business. A partner refers to each of these individuals. Profits and losses get split among the partners in proportion to their respective ownership stakes or mutual agreement.

Required Documents

Identity and address proof:
  • PAN card
  • Passport
  • Driver License
  • Aadhar Card
  • Voters ID
Proof of business premises:
  • Sale Deed in case if the Partner owns the place
  • Rental agreement copy if the office is on rental basis
  • Copy of the latest electricity bill or the tax bill receipt

What do we get?

  • Firm Registration Acknowledgement

Partnership Firm - An Overview

One of the most significant types of company organization is a partnership. A partnership firm forms when two or more people join forces to start a business and distribute profits according to a predetermined formula. Partnership business includes any trade, occupation, or profession. In comparison to corporations, forming a partnership firm is simple and requires fewer compliances.

Partnership firms in India get governed and regulated by the Indian Partnership Act, 1932. Partners are the individuals that join together to form a partnership firm. A contract between the partners establishes the partnership firm.

A partnership deed is a contract between partners that governs the relationship between them and between the partners and the partnership firm.

Key Elements of Partnership

An Agreement

A partnership forms when two or more people agree to work together. It’s worth noting that this type of arrangement can only come about as a contract, not because of a person’s standing. It is the reason that distinguishes a partnership from a Hindu Undivided Family conducting family business. The reason for this is that this type of alliance can only get formed with mutual consent. As a result, a partnership is both voluntary and contractual.

An express agreement can result in a partnership arrangement. It could also get inferred from the partners’ Partnership Act and a consistent course of conduct, both of which demonstrate a shared understanding. This agreement could be oral or written.

Sharing the Profit of Business

When it comes to dividing the company’s income, there are two options to consider.

First and foremost, there must be a business. For the sake of this discussion, the term “business” refers to any trade, occupation, or profession. A company’s existence is critical. A business’s motivation is to “acquire gains,” which leads to the emergence of a partnership. As a result, there can be no partnership if there is no intention of running a business and sharing the earnings.

Running the Business

The third criterion for a partnership is that the business is run by all of the partners or by one or more of them acting on behalf of them. It is the most predominant premise in partnership law. In the course of the firm’s operations, an act of one partner is, in fact, an act of all partners. For all of the other partners, a business partner serves as both the primary and the agent. As a result, it’s crucial to remember that the fundamental test of a partnership is mutual agency rather than profit sharing. If the interactive agency component is lacking, there will be no collaboration. The only Prima Facie proof that can get refuted by substantial proof is benefit sharing. This Prima Facie evidence can get refuted by demonstrating the absence of mutual agency.

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