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With a GEM account, you can enjoy the benefits of smart trade and commerce, such as an up-to-date, user-friendly dashboard for purchasing, stock control, and payment. Return policy requirements are very customizable and provide clarity in buying and selling.

GeM Portal Registration - Overview

The Government e-Marketplace (GeM) is an online platform for central and state government agencies to acquire products and services. The Ministry of Finance has authorized and made mandatory purchases by government users through GeM by adding new Rule No. 149 to the General Financial Rules, 2017.

GeM Portal Registration

GeM, or Government e-Marketplace, is an e-commerce portal that allows government agencies, associations, and public sector undertakings in India to easily purchase consumer goods and services online.

The main goal of this website is to improve public procurement, transparency, efficiency, speed, and inclusivity. To use all of the GeM’s services, you must first register as a buyer or seller on the GeM’s website.

Benefits of sellers on GeM registration

Trade support:

All government entities, including the central government, state governments, and public utilities, are required to purchase solely from sellers listed on the GeM site. The GeM listing provides a fantastic opportunity for private companies to expand their operations.

Direct Procurement from the Government:

Traders can offer their products worth up to Rs.50,000/- directly to government customers at reasonable pricing.

Special Benefits for Startups:

GeM registration as a startup on the GeM portal with different and innovative results is an option. The government has established informal guidelines for procuring commodities from new Startup players.


Less paperwork is required

GeM registration requires the least amount of documentation. Furthermore, the GeM portal provides an easily accessible, simple, and transparent approach for tender allotting.


Transparency, effectiveness, and speed have all been improved throughout essential goods and services thanks to the online GeM platform.

Documents Required for GeM registration as a buyer

On the GeM site, only the department head can register as a buyer. To register as a buyer, you’ll need the following documents:

  1. Government email ID (preferably designation based)
  2. Aadhaar number
  3. Active Mobile number to which your Aadhaar is linked (for OTP purposes)

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