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Apart from company registration, one can avail of other services from FilingYug, such as Company Name change, change registered office, Add Director/Directors, Remove Director/Directors, Objective change, Increase Authorised share capital, and Share Transfer.

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Change of Companys’ name

A private limited company’s name may need to get changed for several reasons, including a shift in the company’s mission, a change in management, rebranding, and so on. With the agreement of the shareholders and the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA), one can change the name of the Private Limited Company.

Change of Registered Office Address

After a company’s registered office is declared by filing the INC 22. Changes to the company’s registered office must get reported to the ROC. If the registered office address changes within the same city, town, or village, the change must get informed within 15 days by filing the appropriate papers.

Add Directors/Directors

The Articles of Association of a corporation are the source of authority from which the Board of Members derives the right to add new directors to the Board or dismiss existing ones, according to sections 260 and 284 of the Companies Act, 1956. The addition of Directors must be allowed under the Articles of Incorporation. The individual selected must be eligible under the applicable Articles of Association sections and must offer written consent to serve as a director, which the business must record.

Remove Director/Directors

There are several reasons why a director gets removed from a firm, and there are three ways and three different procedures based on the grounds. First, when the directors tender their resignation. Second, when for 12 months, a director is absent from board meetings. Third, the removal of a director by shareholders.

Objective change

To update your company’s goals, ambitions, and objectives, you must amend the Memorandum of Association. The object clause can be found in the MoA. It can be challenging to do, especially if you’re a small business attempting to overhaul its key objectives. However, if you use the appropriate approaches, you may do the task swiftly.

Increase Authorised share capital

The authorized and paid-up capital of a Private Limited Company is established in the company’s Memorandum of Association (MOA) when it is registered. As a result, the corporation can issue additional shares up to the authorized capital specified in the MOA. If the company wishes to issue more shares than the specified limit then amendments need to be done in the MOA.

Transfer of Shares

The process of transferring the existing shares, and their associated rights and obligations, from one person to another is known as a share transfer.

A share transfer can only be made for existing shares and between existing shareholders. The transferee can be a current or new shareholder in the company.

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